Strategic Health Policy Solutions

Established in 2001, SVC, Inc. is a national health care consulting company with experience specializing in supporting State governments and associated entities with Medicaid and health policy expertise. SVC brings a multidisciplinary team that has in-depth experience working with state agencies and their vendors on a broad range of issues within the scope of Medicaid managed care programs, public health policies and regulations and the Affordable Care Act. SVC successfully works with State Departments of Health and Human Services, Insurance, Medicaid, Public Health and Governor's offices to develop strategic health policy solutions.  This expertise makes us uniquely positioned to provide state-specific counsel and support around the consideration of a public health policy and program strategy.

States considering Medicaid expansion have turned to SVC due to our proven track record for designing and implementing innovative and successful programs. Expansion is a complex decision that must consider a range of issues, including policy, financing and politics in the context of the existing local health care delivery systems, stakeholder input and state specific health program issues. SVC has been central to the development of several innovative Medicaid managed care programs including the creation of Requests for Proposals, drafting 1115 waivers, negotiating waiver special terms and conditions with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) (including waiver renewal applications) and ongoing program evaluation. SVC designed and developed both the Indiana and Iowa 1115 expansion waivers, designed expansion plans for Idaho and Tennessee and helped with implementation efforts in the State of Michigan.

SVC provides clients with in-depth policy analysis as well as recommendations for managed care and Medicaid reform initiatives and short-term, mid-term and long-term cost-containment strategies.  SVC staff is experienced in identifying key factors to help our clients make policy, program and budget decisions.   SVC has in depth experience utilizing fiscal data and cost benefit analyses to inform recommendations for maintaining or modifying Medicaid programs including development of 1915(i), home and community based waiver programs and managed care programs. SVC clients receive strategic policy and technical expertise including financing, policy planning, information technology leadership and program evaluation.  To help meet minority goals, SVC, Inc. is registered with the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State and is certified by the States of Indiana, Missouri, and Virginia as a minority woman owned business.




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