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HIPSubcategories: 1Files: 4

As architect of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), SVC was central to the development of the HIP program, drafting the initial 1115 waiver, negotiating the waiver special terms and conditions with CMS, and developing the waiver renewal application.

1115 WaiversSubcategories: 2Files: 3

SVC has been instrumental in innovative 1115 waiver demonstration development for several of our clients including drafting waivers and rules, leading implementation and training efforts and ensuring vendor readiness for go-live. 

MedicaidFiles: 4

SVC has extensive experience in various aspects of Medicaid including program development, waiver preparation, cost-savings projections and data analysis.

Affordable Care ActSubcategories: 5Files: 24

SVC is responsible for overseeing the development of the range of publications related to the State of Indiana’s efforts on the uninsured and on health care reform. SVC is also assisting various other states in their Healthcare Reform efforts.


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