Seema Verma Award Picture

INDIANAPOLIS (January 28, 2016) – Seema Verma, President and Founder of SVC, Inc., has been awarded the Sagamore of the Wabash by Gov. Mike Pence. The award was issued in acknowledgment of her distinguished service to the State of Indiana for her development of the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). The Sagamore of the Wabash award was established during the term of Gov. Ralph Gates (1945-1949), and the term “Sagamore” was used by Native Americans to describe a great person among the tribe.

Verma worked as the architect of the original Healthy Indiana Plan and HIP 2.0, the nation’s first Health Savings Account model applied to a Medicaid population. The HIP plan began in 2008 under Gov. Mitch Daniels and required the state to seek a groundbreaking federal waiver of Medicaid rules to implement the program. The plan achieved high client satisfaction while lowering emergency department use and is considered a model for Medicaid reform. HIP is being replicated by other states as they use the design to expand coverage through their Medicaid programs.

At a ceremony celebrating the anniversary of HIP 2.0, Pence said, “There was no individual who helped us guide this more effectively, or with more integrity, than Seema Verma.”

Verma has a long history with the state, advising both the Daniels and Pence administrations on developing and implementing HIP as well as supporting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services waiver negotiations. Today, HIP is providing health care to more than 370,000 Hoosiers.

Verma founded SVC, Inc., a national policy consulting company, in 2001. The company specializes in supporting state governments and associated entities with Medicaid and policy expertise. Prior to founding SVC, she served as Vice President of Policy & Planning for the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County.