SVC, Inc. is a multi-state health care consulting company with experience supporting state governments and associated entities with Medicaid, insurance, and public health policy initiatives.  SVC, Inc. selects a limited number of clients each year to ensure we can focus on providing a personalized high quality products. To this end, we have developed long-term relationships with our clients spanning across different administrations.


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We strive to go above and beyond for our clients.

Seema Verma has under both Democrat and Republican Governors, provided valuable service and expertise to the State of Indiana, with the integrity Hoosiers have a right to demand.  ---Dr. John Wernert, FSSA Secretary.

 To see FSSA Secretary, Dr. John Wernert's Letter to the Editor in the Indy Star, see here.


SVC, Inc. is always responsive and available to our team and always gives their personal touch and goes the extra mile to ensure projects are successfully implemented.
- Brian Neale, State of Indiana
SVC has provided the State of Indiana over ten years of outstanding service.
- Michael Gargano, State of Indiana
SVC, Inc. worked tirelessly alongside state employees giving guidance for developing the Readiness Review program templates. They used their expertise in healthcare systems, legislative regulations, federal guidelines, and understanding of the Managed Care Entities Request for Proposals and Contracts to insure that the readiness review meetings were kept on track and the MCE’s presentations for desk review and onsite review were comprehensive and met with the States requirements.
- Doug Montgomery, State of Indiana