SVC, Inc. provides personalized, innovative and strategic health policy solutions. With extensive health care experience and knowledge of government health programs on the local, state and federal level, SVC offers its clients comprehensive policy research, analysis, and program development options. SVC has a range of clients, working directly with states around topics including Medicaid strategy, Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation, state Department of Insurance and Health Insurance Exchange issues.

Founded in 2001, SVC, Inc. is certified by the State of Indiana as a minority female owned business and is registered with the Office of the Indiana Secretary of State.

SVC has specific expertise on a range of health care issues including:

            • The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) Waiver - SVC is the architect of the Healthy Indiana plan. SVC developed and worked with the State to negotiate the State’s 1115 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid the (CMS) waiver for the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP), and the request for proposal for the State’s contractors for the HIP program.  SVC also supported the Pence administration in their efforts to redesign HIP 2.0, develop the HIP 2.0 waiver and negotiate a financial agreement with the Indiana Hospital Association for the Hospital Assessment Fee program


            • 1115 Waiver Development - SVC provides complete support for States considering or implementing a Medicaid managed care strategy. SVC spearheaded a study of managed care for the disabled and for individuals requiring long-term support services in Indiana and helps states develop, design and implement managed care programs including developing managed care RFPs.  The SVC team leads states through the program development process from policy design, stakeholder communications, waiver development, and identifying operational needs through post-implementation.  This includes identifying policy and program options and facilitating state decision-making.


            • Alternative Benefit Plan State Plan Amendments - SVC has demonstrated expertise in the analysis and development of alternative benefit plan State Plan amendments. For Indiana’s Healthy Indiana Plan SVC completed Benchmark Plan analysis of all potential benchmark plan options. SVC supported the state’s decision making in selecting a benchmark plan and completing all required templates for the two Alternative Benefit Plans that serve the new adult population enrolled in HIP. Support on development of Alternative Benefit Plans included medically frail identification methodology and coverage strategy.   SVC also supported Iowa in identification of alternative benefit plan strategy and options for the Iowa Wellness Plan and Iowa Marketplace Choice Plan.


            • Medicaid Managed Care - SVC has worked with many states including Idaho, Iowa and Indiana on transitioning populations to managed care.  SVC developed Indiana's FSSA Aged, Blind and Disabled Taskforce Report.  In addition, SVC has supported the development of Requests for Proposals for managed care for both disabled and general populations.  SVC has also assisted in the external quality review evaluation of Medicaid managed care organizations.


            • Health Care Reform & the Affordable Care Act - SVC leads the health care reform efforts for clients including analysis of policy effects, stakeholder outreach, survey design and analysis, and the production of reports, presentations, and papers.

            • Health Care Marketplaces/Exchanges - Serving as the health care reform lead for the State of Indiana, SVC has developed a deep understanding of the regulatory and operational requirements in all Marketplace models for states and issuers. SVC developed Marketplace requirements for the State of Indiana and provided support to the Indiana Department of Insurance on their response to the Marketplace requirements. SVC has supported additional states on Marketplace research and design including analysis of all policy decisions and options, development of high-level and technical requirements, funding and enrollment analysis, stakeholder outreach and surveys, and development of Marketplace and ACA training curriculums.

            • Medicaid Cost Savings - SVC stays at the forefront of Medicaid developments by analyzing proposed regulations, providing consultative services to state Medicaid agencies and leading new program initiatives. SVC provides policy analysis and recommendations surrounding cost-containment strategies and reform initiatives to aid in state budget cuts and cost savings.

            • Aging and Disability  - SVC provided support to develop Indiana's strategy around programming for their disabled population. SVC supported the State through efforts to modify their State legislation, CMS State plan amendments and develop three new programs for the disabled, including two new 1915i programs.  SVC also provided policy expertise, project management support, training for the implementation of a 209b to 1634 status.

            • Public Health Programs - SVC has worked with State Public Health Departments to review and evaluate programs, including developing a review of programs and developing a post ACA public health strategy and recommendations to restructure public health programs.



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