Healthcare Reform

SVC was on the forefront of the Affordable Care Act implementation.  Our team led the State of Indiana's response to the Affordable Care Act, including review and design of a potential Marketplace, Medicaid and Insurance implementations.  We also lent expertise to South Carolina and Nebraska in their efforts to navigate the Affordable Care Act.  SVC reviewed all ACA related regulations and guidance in order to prepare in depth analyses for clients on the potential impact to their organizations.  Due to this in depth review of the ACA, we have developed a number of materials and presented numerous presentations on the implications of the ACA.   Below is a sample of these materials.  For information on how ACA impacts your organizations, contact us.

ACA Publications

SVC works with the State of Indiana to analyze the policy and program impacts of the Affordable Care Act. Serving as Indiana’s Health Care Reform Lead, SVC supported development and review of all Indiana Health Care Reform releases.

SVC was responsible for analysis of the federal MAGI requirements and development of flow charts illustrating these requirements. These charts were created both for the proposed and final regulations.

SVC consistently reviews ACA rule releases and requirements and analyzes potential state and Medicaid member impacts. 

SVC was responsible for the development of the Indiana Exchange Questionnaire. This questionnaire sought stakeholder input on the design of a potential Indiana Exchange.

Regulation Summaries

At the forefront of The Affordable Care Act, SVC reviews and summarizes ACA regulations, CMS guidance and State Medicaid Letters for our clients. 

A sampling of our reviews include:

SVC has also developed process flows for several regulations such as:


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